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"When I retired, I was faced with finding health care coverage.  I struggled with this problem until I met with Seniors Benefit.  They consulted with me and fielded a number of questions I had in reference to Social Security and Medicare.  Seniors Benefit's advice was invaluable to me in enrolling in Medicare, choosing a supplement and a drug insurance program.  I was so relieved to find such a service."        


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Seniors Benefit is an independent insurance agency able to offer the best possible programs at some of the lowest rates in the state.  As a full-service agency specializing in senior based products, we represent many different companies providing Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Life Insurance, Prescription Drug plans, and Long Term Care.  Providing the best customer service is our goal.  We are second to no one and will continue striving to earn your business.  Seniors Benefit agents go through one of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry, having knowledge of all the Medicare choices available.


"I have worked with Seniors Benefit, Inc. since I retired at the age of 65. Or rather, they have worked with and FOR ME!!! That's been about 2 1/2 years and it has been a wonderful relationship. I had absolutely no idea about Medicare and was really rather lazy about investigating what I needed to do. I visited the Seniors Benefit office and was introduced to Pam C., one of the agents. She honestly took me under her wing and helped me...really HELPED me by explaining so many things. She will go to any length to help straighten out some really bad insurance snafus (and I've had more than my share!). The cost is nothing to the client. All the folks in the office are great but Katie, the receptionist and all around Girl Friday is tireless. In an era of lousy customer service, these folks could write the book on taking care of their customers"

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